02 ottobre 2012

Curriculum of Paola Delfino

Paola was Born in Savona in 1967, the neice of the Maestro Tomber(painter). In the years 1980s won prizes in drawing. Her artistic training takes place at first as an apprentice in Tomber’s shop, then attends art courses in nude and incision at the “Liceo Artistico of Savona” and the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts of Genoa. She attended courses taught by the artist Prof. A. Cicada, the artist, master ceramist M. Mannuzza of "Il Tornio" in Celle Ligure, sculptors A. Matola, N. Sanguineti and ceramic decoration with l. Bonfanti.
Concurrently she graduated in Political Sciences with a minor in Marketing and Media Communication and she earned master as Environmental Expert.
She worked for various companies and then decided to dedicate her life to Art.
Paola opens a small bed and breakfast that qualifies for the ISNART quality mark. Organizes ONLUS, a cultural association.
Since the year 2000 she has exposed her work all over Italy gaining great acclaim.
Paola Delfino researches, studies, and challenges continuously other artists. Since 2003 she attended many national and international painting competitions with success.
In 2010 she enrolled at the Art Therapy “ARTEA” school of Milan for a three year specialty in Art Therapy..
Main achievements:
2012 Albissola Circolo degli Artisti di Pozzo Garitta "Anima Dinamica"
2011 Giardini Naxos (ME) (Naxos) L’Arte e’ Servita” "with sculptor Turi Azzolina
2010 Aosta (Torre dei Signori di Quart)
2009 Milan and Turin (Bench Seat)
Varese 2008 (Veratti Hall);
2008 Albissola (Contemporary Art Space) “Eterogenia” with Rosanna La Spesa sculptress
2007 Alexandria (art room Mirabelli)
2006 Savona (Palazzo Nervi)

Group exhibitions;
2008 Venice Sails in Love Galleria Giudecca 795
2008 Rome “Mostra non Mostra” with the international group Netfuristi
2009 Viterbo in VitARTE interviewed on TG2 Economia with Francesca Barbi Marinetti
2009 Cairo (Egypt) in the framework of the International Festival in the Italian Institute of Culture
2010 Vancouver (Canada) Italian Olimpic Spirit in  Casa Italia CONI in the context of the Winter Olympics at Casa Italia
2010 World Cup with inauguration with the Fencing Club ofTurin and the presentation of former player del Toro Zaccarelli
2009-2012 Collettiva d'Arte Ceramica Palazzo Ducale di Genova, Savona, Celle Ligure
2012 Tradition and Innovation: Italian Olympic Spirit.  xxx Olympic Games in Casa Italia CONI The Queen Elisabeth II Convention Centre Westminster London and c/o CLE new Campus Luigi Einaudi Torino